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James O'Mahony
Hi Brian. Just like to say a massive congratulations on your new World Record!!! Following your progress everyday online and watching every tack, gybe and weather system form just made me want to be there sailing with you! Maybe one day. It is such a massive feat and such a hugh moment for British sailing! Congratulations again and enjoy the party to come!
Cameron Lewis
Cheers- wow, congrats to all the team and great job keeping me up to date and up to speed Now to go for under 45 days!! who woulda thought this all possible when we launched in 1993 for the 1st go wow wow wow!
Richard Parslow
Fantastic news! Well done all on board – and on shore.
Eddie Warden Owen
Brian and the team on Bank Pop. Congratulations to all of you. What an achievement. Please convey my best to Loik. Plenty of time to nip over to Antigua to set a new RORC Caribbean 600 record next month? Well done.
Joe Bruce
Just seen you come in...Inspirational BT! What a thrilling achievement and just the tip of your Liquid Everest!! Well done'll sleep well tonight I'm sure. All the best and speak soon, Joe
Peter Ellis
Brilliant, absolutely brilliant .
Richard Moore
Congratulations Brian, we have been with you everyday of this epic trip and it has been magnificent. Great sailing and great commentary. Well done. Richard and the team at Capitalize
Mark Jardine
You've done a great job sending through these updates at all hours. We've had massively high readership on his articles and he's gained a really good following
John Gladstone
Hey Brian, I have been following you from Day 1 on this trip. Hannah's done a superb job. Thank god someone wrote/spoke English! Had a good feeling you guys would succeed, but it takes more than a feeling to crush the record as BP is about to do. Wish Steve was still around to see this accomplishment. He's be proud of you as we all are. I particularly found your xmas comet story extraordinary. I thought you were messing around with us. Fully expected the three wise men and the little "Baby J" to appear at any time! Hope we get to catch up in person again sometime soon, perhaps at Chez Stone in La Jolla. Cheers to you and your team!!!! Happy Rock,
Julian Gildersleeve
In Antigua, Julian and I have been following your progress around the world and are amazed with you and the crew and the boat – CONGRATULATIONS and WELL DONE to all!! Julian & Karen
Fraser Brown
Sheet on and send it Brian, you deserve this so much and its nothing less than an awe inspiring effort, what an amazing time to circumnavigate the world in, this record will hold for a very long time. Congratulations to you and the whole team, look forward to catching up when your back on dry land...
Karen White
Huge congratulations to everyone on BP but especially to you Brian, our wonderful sole Brit, on smashing the record! It has been so exciting following your progress and your lovely blogs have allowed us to share the adventure with you. Enjoy the peace of the last few miles and then wallow in the joy of an exceptional achievement. We shall raise another glass to you all! Karen White
Robin Taunt
Been following you all the way round and now only 100 miles to go. Fantastic achievement. Many congratulations to you and all the team.
Mark Thomson
Brian and all your fellow crewmembers Awesome job - It has been fantastic following your epic voyage. Congratulations to all See you in the summer I hope
Chris Tibbs
Absolutely fantastic
@briansailing good luck brother so close now to that world record good luck you can do it!!!
@briansailing very impressive feat! Cheering you on from Nova Scotia!!
@briansailing Don't "bust" anything now ... impressive speeds; you are flying.
@briansailing way to go man! That is a lifelong dream of mine, maybe one day. Godspeed and Stay in it!
@briansailing Go Brian Go!!
@briansailing living the dream. Good luck
phenominal effort @briansailing, keep the speed up until you get to the end line!!
@briansailing all I can say is wow......
Simon Holloway
Congratulations to Brian, Loick and Juan and the rest of the team for a stunning job, many congratulations and we look forward to hopefully working with you in the future
Caroline Rose
Do tell Brian that I've loved reading his daily messages and I'm really really thrilled that the crew are going to complete this amazing voyage in record time. Fantastic Brian!
Jonny Malbon
Well done mate to you and the boys. A truly epic journey from start to finish, that has kept me glued to the computer!! Hope to catch up on your return!! Enjoying some beers and a shower.
@briansailing less than 200 miles from a new sailing world record. WOOP!
@briansailing wow keep up the great work, so close now!
Round the world record is going to be broken by 3 days! "@briansailing: 203 miles to go, as of 1515UTC, speed 29 knt #voilebanquepop #MaxiBP
@briansailing awesome effort! Good luck with the final push to the New World Record.
@briansailing I must also say well done for what you have achieved so and for what you achieve in the future :-)
Paul Wells
Please pass on the best wishes of Paul and Nicky Wells from Cowes to Brian and all abroad the boat, we have followed the emails with great interest and with fingers crossed for a fast passage.. Brian has brought the trip to life for us with his insights into life onboard. Hearty congratulations to all concerned!
Barry Hurley
Brian, if you wanted to come visit Ireland there are much easier ways!! Ha ha... Love that curve of your track across the North Atlantic. Just 200nm to go now. Fingers and toes crossed for the next few hours as you approach the finish line. Have been watching in awe for the last five weeks. Superb achievement mate. Well done, and congratulations. Enjoy the sleep, and I'm sure a beer or two over the next few days.
@briansailing Amazing! Best of luck for the remainder!
@briansailing Good luck, I hope you make it ;)
@briansailing well done - awesome achievement
@briansailing well done buddy!
Peter Pexton
What a fantastic achievement. Pila and I send our "Congratulations" It would be great to catch up in the UK. I am building a new boat at Pendennis in Cornwall. Best wishes, Peter
Emma West
Go you bloody legend Its be great to watch the boat head around the world on the map sign me up for the next trip it must be one of the 10 things to do before you die
@briansailing A great achievement. You're doing 32.5 knots in a F7. Amazing. Let's fly.
Philippe Ollier
Thanks a lot, it was great to follow this fabulous journey with daily information coming from Brian which was very accurate and bring us a lot of technical & wild things. I'm very happy for him and all the crew nicely managed by Loïck breaking the Jules Verne trophy record. I very hope Brian will find sponsor & a boat to round the world again (5th !!!) in next Vendee Globe. And he has contributed to improve my English so far ;-) Have a good landing in Brest Brian.
@briansailing congrats for this new record !
Non-stop round world sailing record going to be smashed in next 24 hours follow @briansailing
Congrats & best wishes to @loickpeyron @briansailing & crew for this amazing run and record on #TJV !! Well done guys! #BP5
@briansailing Go Brian and the team! Looks like you will break the record by some margin with you flying in at over 35Knts....
Mark Burdis
Amazing achievement, many congratulations. Really enjoyed following your progress and reports. You guys make it look easy which is the sign of true professionals. Well done. See you in Monaco soon for a ride on the Infiniti 36
Richard Simmonds
I cannot think of anyone I know who appears to have enjoyed the last forty days or so as much as you. The emails have have brought a sense of calm, even if you have been writing in the heart of a storm and you either have a massive future as a writer of fiction or really have had an extraordinary time! The inbox will be less compelling after tomorrow …. It has been a real pleasure to join you for 500 words every day – best Richard
Peter Ellis
What a brilliant result . Give Brian our congratulations from all at Camperdaze. Tell him I look forward to hearing his tales the next time he hires one of our vans, in fact tell him he can have a brilliant deal in light of his achievement. Again what a fantastic achievement, hopefully he will now get the financial backing he needs for his next big adventure. Kind regards. Peter Ellis
Robin Bromley-Martin
Congratulations to Brian on his and his team mates' achievement. It has been exhilerating watching their progress over the past 45 days. Thank u for passing all Brian's emails on - almost the first I read every morning!
Jason Ludlow
Please pass on my congratulations to Brian, it has been a truly awesome achievement. I was in the pub the other day discussing this and we were trying to work out if any other vessel could beat this record, we came to the conclusion that it would take a Russian Alpha class Nuclear Submarine to even come close!!! Well done to all the crew, just amazing. I look forward to a pint with Brian and to hear the stories!! Very proud Jason
@briansailing hon da man Brian, sorry if you don't understand Irish slang :)
@briansailing Keep my fingers crossed for you!
@briansailing From Biscay Bay, North Cost of Spain. Best luck. Go, brave!
"259 miles to go, doing 32.5 knots in a F7 westerly & 1600 miles ahead of the record.... that is what dreams are made of!!" @briansailing
@briansailing 240 miles away from breaking the JVT record; Great start to 2012. Good luck on the home stretch. #MaxiBP #BPV
Fastest circumnavigation ever to finish today! @briansailing
@briansailing last miles for a challenge that will remain for sure in the history of sailing, go guys!!!
We are all routing for @briansailing who is so nearly there on #TJV trophy. Fingers tightly crossed as they power towards the line at 33knts
Go On @briansailing, well done. That world record will be around for a long !!
Awesome news @briansailing!!! Everyone @TheEvenKeel are rooting for you!
so emotional about @briansailing & the crew of @maxibp already & they still have 10 hours of sailing to go... its going to be a long night!
250 miles to go, and over 1500 miles ahead of the record...! The end is in sight - keep up the good work @briansailing
@briansailing great to hear, well done you !!!! Happy New Year :DD
Go @briansailing everyone @iywac cheering for you!
@briansailing best wishes to you and all the #BPV crew, Brian, an amazing achievement
@briansailing Go Brian - charge on!!
Proud to be British as @briansailing reels in the world record showing no signs of slowing up! #roundtheworlddetermination
@briansailing makes headlines even in Norway! Be amazed by this awesome achievement!
Jeffrey Dingle
Hey Brian: Jeffrey Dingle here in Marblehead. Simply awesome what you've achieved over the past 45 days - and past decades. I've read and enjoyed every one of your daily posts. If you have any plans to visit the US for sure would love to take you for a ride on the little Owen Clarke M65 Mini - a far cry from the BP rocket but fine sailing too! Well done. All the best, - Jeffrey
Brian Hancock
Well done to you and the team - you sailed consistently and now you sail into the record books - again. Make sure that you enjoy the last few miles at sea and most of all enjoy the finish and arrival. One day we will all be old and only have our memories, so burn it good on your internal hard drive. All the best for the remaining miles. Cheers, Brian Hancock
Mark Johnson
Please send my congratulations to Brian and the entire BPV team. It has been great fun following them for the past 45 days. The boat clearly has the speed to take a few more days off the record given the right conditions. I'd love to follow them on a quest for less then 40days (after they get a bit of a rest!). And thank you Hannah for facilitating the information flow regarding BPV.
Andrea Vaughan
Wishing Brian and crew all the best for the finish and congratulations in advance on their amazing race. Best wishes from Andrea and boys x
Ian McCabe
Thank you for your updates .... Has been amazing to follow . Loick , Brian and the boys have done an awesome job .... Bravo
Bruce Geffen via FB
Awesome news! Way to go Brian and crew of BPV! Thanks for making this winter sailing season enjoyable to watch so far. Very nicely done and congrads to all the BPV team!
Regatta Lets via FB
How exciting and what an amzing race ( I am sure your French is superb now Brian) all the best from your old neighbours xx
Nicola Breymaier
Brian, Congratulations to you and the whole BPV team. We'll be on the docks to cheer you in to Brest tomorrow morning. Let the festivities commence! Ryan and Nicola Breymaier
Laurence Mead
Watched the tracker every day and watched the AMAZING videos coming back off the boat. Loved that one on about Day 8 where you did a fly by on some cruising catamaran in the Atlantic, them at 6 knots and you are about 37....been a great trip and very well done! Cheers, Laurence Mead
Elin Haf Davies
Followed you all the way. Inspirational stuff. Enjoy the much deserved celebrations. Elin Haf Davies. X
Lisa Anderson
Hi Brian James and I have been following your progress on BP closely. Really pleased to hear you've less than 1000 miles left to go and some 6 days left. We have a bottle of champagne waiting for you here at Seascape, and would be delighted of you want to come and spend a few days here with G and T when you're back if you need a base on the Island for a bit. Lisa and James x
Nora Hermans via FB
Good to read this. O yes, 35 knots is so fast. Good luck with the last 1000 miles . Will be less by the time you read this:-)
Baxter Bradford via FB
A mightily impressive record of accomplishments. Really well deserved - let's hope that there are no more dogleg detours!
Brian C-B via FB
Bon Annee to all on board, get the pedal down for the last stretch - your beer is getting warm ;-)
Jeff Condell
Brian and crew, Keep the cool and maintain the vision of success and it's in the bag! All the best.
Rachel Limbrey
Best of Luck Brian for your final days. We'll be watching & wishing you speed. Sending you lots of Thompson luck! Take Care. Love Rachel Limbrey
Martyn White
Congratultions to Loick Peyron and the crew of the technological marvel Banque Populaire V on a fabulour record breaking sail. We have followed the tracker throughout and read all of Brian's most entertaining blogs, and lived the highs and lows with you all. A fabulous result and well down to Brian for flying the Union Jack! Best wishes Brian - that bottle of wine is still waiting for you! See you soon Martyn and Karen White
Eddie Warden Owen
Brian and all the team on Bank Populaire, What a great 'cruise' around the world you've all enjoyed. Well done Brian for allowing all of us to join you on this epic journey by writing a piece every day (did you miss any?) It may look and sound easy but I know that typing on a bouncing platform (in my case a train to London) is difficult and on your beast with all the noise that goes with the speeds you travel must have been extremely difficult. The daily blog has been a treat to read and I like many other offshore sailors could not help but be very envious of your adventure. Even as I write you are making the final miles to the finish and I keep my fingers crossed that it is a safe passage. We will celebrate your safe return at the club and look forward to the day you come and tell RORC members all about your challenge. Well done from all the team at the Royal Ocean Racing Club. Best wishes Eddie Warden Owen
Natasha Lambert
Watching u get closer and closer on the race tracker (although thought u off to the north pole earlier today!!!).... It must feel very strange when u step onto land.. but not long now.. how exciting! Good luck with the weather and the sail to th finish! Natasha Lambert. COWES
Tom Molloy
Brian Your Irish fan club is thriving. I remember walking the streets of Rhode Island with you in 1986. You were talking to me about a pro sailor preparing to attempt to sail around the world ALONE! on his race boat and how that was what you wanted to do. ( I thought how do you ever go about making something like that happen) I haven't been back to Newport but I have had that same conversation again recently with my 19 year old son. Michael has been so inspired by your outstanding achievements that he too has dreams to sail professionally on racing boats. Having a dream is great but making it as real as you have made yours requires a touch of greatness. Breaking records is only the start, your real achievement is helping to create tomorrows heros. You make a very special contribution to the world by doing what you do so well. All the Best Tom Molloy
Gordon Kay
Dear Brian, Goodness me, what a fantastic achievement and done with such control and style. We have loved the daily blogs and as much as is possible journeyed with you. I know everyone in the office in Monaco has been following you too. You will be inundated with messages and deservedly so - quite magnificent and something truly amazing and in this world, that is quite something when so little is genuinely so!! Bravo my friend, fantastic!!!! Kind regards
Colin Nicholson via FB
Happy New Year to you Brian and the rest of the crew.
Marie-Eve Morente via FB
Happy New year to the greatest sailor
Dougie Leacy via FB
You should write a book when you get Home.
Charlie Bell
On Behalf of Champagne G.H. Mumm am sure you will be looking forward to popping some corks soon! Huge congratulations on everything, we have been loving the updates! Take care and safe travels. Charlie x
Awesome job, keep it up. Not that you can get off and go home....
Final stretch for @briansailing even if you are going the long way round.! Bring the record Home.!
wonderfoul way to start 2012. Keep going!!
Ben Lippiett
Seasons Greetings to you and the crew Brian. I just wanted to write to wish you a happy Christmas onboard. All the D&R marinas' staff are loving your reports, which I send onto them. We are all routing for you!! We have just had our annual D&R party and Richard made a very moving speech about your efforts and how little we can comprehend about what you do from our warm desks. You have done so well so far and we all have our fingers tightly crossed for the sail north! Have a great Christmas, with best wishes from all at D&R. Ben
Alastair John Sellick via FB
Wow. 43 knots in 21 knots of wind is amazing.
Elin Haf Davies via FB
Brilliant blog. On a journey of a 100 miles 90 feels half way! Speedy winds for 2012.
Peter Clancy via FB
Go banque pop and Brian you can all do it
Happy New Year Brian. Sounds like a blast. Hope you get to your low pressure system in good time and are able to hold lead.
Happy New Year Brian. Bn amazing watching ur progress, good luck for the final stretch! #sailing #maxibpv
Best wishes to you .Rock on !
Pip Hare
Hi Brian, I just got back from a christmas sailing on The Shed and have caught up with all your emails. It is a mix of feelings - with just one mini transat to go you surely have it in the bag, it is a short stroll across the atlantic, soooo close, and yet I don't want to breathe out, just in case..... COME ON!!!!!! I need to breath out soon. christmas chez Shed was fun, Ash and I went for a sail in the rain and the cold, saw some great sunsets, got the mighty shed surfing on waves of St Albans head at 13 knots complete with tinsel on the back stay and a flashing christmas tree plugged into the inverter, went for a christmas day swim and met up with some other freinds on their boat and drank too much at anchor! Just like on Banque pop I am sure. More positive mind waves coming your way, can't wait to congratulate you on another record. Stay fast and safe
thanks for the regular updates - wishing you and the #BPV crew a "record" 2012!!
#MaxiBPV has smashed the Equator-Equator sailing record by 3 days 18 hours 24 minutes. Nice work @briansailing @loickpeyron and the crew
Adrienne Cahalan
Dear Brian, A very happy Christmas to you and all the crew at sea. I will be thinking of you all and my congratulations to you for rounding the Horn in such good shape and in great time. From what you tell is it has been a frustrating time getting there as it often is in that part of the South Pacific but it is the home run now and our fingers are crossed for a smooth run for you to the finish. For us here in Australia it is the usual great race south on boxing day: beating, wallowing and very few tantalising tailwinds but always hopefully the finish and a beer at the end!- Good luck! Ado
Natasha Lambert
Wow congratulations! and Merry Christmas! Natasha
Simon Shaw
Hi Brian. So pleased for you guys. All my fingers and toes are crossed that the weather is kind to you for your run back home. Some of the accounts have been incredible. I am back home (chichester) now for Christmas and then back down to Lymington after boxing day. I have lots be be getting on with. I had been trying to field a team to go into the World Tour next year… however, after all the goings on in Europe in the last year, I am not convinced that Sponsorship is going to come in. Keep on pushing down there buddy. I am really looking forward to catching up over a beer when you are back and learning all about it. Maybe next time you go you can chop one of those french guys legs off just before the off and take me along instead.! Wishing you safe and fast sailing, Simon
Annie Bower
Hey Brian, Good luck with getting past the Cape. We are all fine here - just prepping for a pre xmas eve party at mine as we are off skiing tomorrow morning. The girls send their love but are questioning why you enjoy what you do - but they are softie land lovers with way too easy a life. Let me know when you are back as Krystyna mentioned trying to come out - I do get 4 days off every two weeks so if we are lucky I could make it too. I phoned Nathalie yesterday so all seems fine there and they have their presents from us. We will recreate christmas for you when you get back. MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR - I'll say this now as not taking a laptop on holiday - We are back late new Years Eve. Lots of Love and sail fast ans safely. Annie xxx
Great blog Brian!! You guys are doing great. I will be having a drink in the PV tomorrow night for you!!
Good luck to the guys on #BanquePopulaireV and @briansailing as they race home!!!
Duncan Haynes
Many thanks for the updates from Brian. I have been amazed at there progress so far! I race an F18 cat back in southampton which seems very pedestrian now. Can I send the crew a ' a very Merry Christmas' and a safe trip onward! Look forward to further updates Duncan
upwind, full sail plan and gorgeous sunshine. About to smash equator to equator record. @briansailing keep going mate!
Looking good for @briansailing and crew coming up the Atlantic ahead of the world Record. Go guys!
Philippe Ollier
Hi Brian, I think it could be another kind of record even if it's not WSSRC compliant! The largest amplitude between north and south sailed by the same boat. Hope you and all the BP5 team enjoying a great "passage du Cap Horn" ;-) Regards,
Philippe Ollier
Peter Hogg
Brian, The light you saw a few nights ago was the Comet Lovejoy – no connection to the British TV show, unless it was stolen. I have been following your voyage very closely, and I hope you have good luck and fair winds to the finish – a superb effort – maybe a little more homage to the Rugby World Cup Champions as you passed south of New Zealand would have helped your voyage in the Pacific – I suspect your French crew members made some derogatory comments about the All Blacks, and the referee – not wise when you are in our waters. Cheers Peter
Clive Marks
Just a quickie about a possible reason for the alien visitation: noctilucent clouds which would certainly tie in with the solar reflection off the Antarctic Ice Sheet. These are rarities but they form about 30 – 50 miles up into the sky from ice particles at about –125C! The globe on my desk has been spinning at just trying to keep track of where Brian is each day. Fabulous. Now that he is out of the Southern Ocean, you can hear him getting into the swing of stacking up more records. Brilliant. Many thanks for the atmospheric updates, Clive P.S. When does the book get published, or would no-one believe that Brian has so many stories to recount with such good humour and sang froid?!
Fingers Double crossed for @briansailing and crew of @VoileBanquePop as the come up the Atlantic ahead of the World Record. Keep it going.!
Philippe Ollier
Hi Brian, Thanks again for your daily information. I feel like travelling with you at the other side of the earth. Very impressive so close to the bergs. Hope you to reach Cap Horn with better sea and wind conditions. Nice moustache on your last picture ;-) Regards, 
Philippe Ollier
Hey Brian, have a great Christmas with fair winds. Best wishes, Tim
Rich Egan
Brain Thanks for the updates they are brilliant especially as I cannot understand a word of French, but I still watch the videos. I am really pleased that it is going well for you and the team, although the biggest smile is caused by you wearing two hoods! Wishing you all good winds for the rest of the trip and I look forward to hearing about it at Easter hopefully. Yours Rich Egan.